It has been over 400 years since the fall of Perexium, it’s Empire little more than a faded memory to all but a few remaining strongholds that try to keep to the old ways.  The once unified island of Albion has fallen in to constant warring and infighting between the Kingdoms that arose in the aftermath.

To the south in the land of Bretland the Kingdoms of Mercia, Northumbria and Wessex fight for control, with ever shifting alliances between the great powers and the lesser Kingdoms.  Meanwhile the great city of Ondol, former seat of Perexium in Albion tries to maintain order and fulfill the legacy of the Empire.

To the North lies Alba, the many cultures fighting to secure the crown and place begin their legacy atop the empty throne.  To the South the Scots of the Alt Clut fight a war on two fronts, against the encroaching Northumbrians and the Dalradians. In the West and Islands the Celts of Dalradia push further North and to the islands, displacing the ancient Picts of Pictland.

Our adventure is set in Caledonia, the wildlands that make up the Northernmost tip of Alba.  This rough, hilly landscape exists beyond the traditional borders of civilised society. Far away from warring Kingdoms is a landscape of myth, magic and monsters.  Here adventurers and scholars seek their fortune exploring ancient tombs and fighting beasts of unimaginable power.

To the south lies the trade city of Nish, the gateway to the Highlands.  A port city home to many traders, fortune seekers, adventurers and individuals of ill repute.  This is the last true home of civilisation, such as it may be, for it is often said no honest man comes to Nish.  The city is a land of contrast, the wealth of the walled Inner city kept well apart from the crime and poverty of the outer city.

To the brave who venture further North there are few lights in the darkness: isolated towns, villages and castles marking out the homes of the hardy Caledonians who make their simple living in this barbarous land.  Danger and death are constant companions to these people, but they also enjoy a freedom unimagined by those in the southlands, for while the vestiges of nobility can be found there is no true Lord of Caledonia, and anyone who is strong enough to survive can make their own destiny.

One such light in the darkness is Helmsdale, a small coastal mining town on the East coast of Caledonia several days travel from Nish.  Despite being home to only a few hundred people it is still the largest town in the region, boasting an excellent blacksmith, a library and a half ruined castle.

Until recently there were few reasons to travel to such a remote town,however recently a huge seam of ore and gemstones was discovered in the nearby mines, and with wealth comes interest as many factions have begun to descend upon this simple town with ambitions to make their own fortunes.